Who's Managing My Money?

As one's wealth increases, so do the complexities of its management. Tax laws change while financial markets shift through unpredictable cycles. True wealth management involves an integrated, multilayered approach which follows a disciplined & predetermined process.

  • Template investment mix
  • Generally provided via bank in-house mutual funds
  • Provide basic retirement planning
  • Often utilize insurance products
  • Investment services generally consist of mutual funds only
  • Offer an array of investment products
  • Focus primarily on investment accounts
  • Manage a specific portfolio for all clients
  • Portfolios are not customized to the individual – assets are pooled with those of other clients
  • Back tested portfolio construction
  • Tax minimization planning
  • Income planning & projecting
  • Trusts & Estate preservation
  • Risk Management
  • Business & Corporate tax planning
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Alternative investments